Thursday, May 26, 2005


Going stir-crazy here. Never thought we'd have 2 weeks of rain - with 3-4 major nor'easters this May is officially the coldest in 113 years. The tough riding conditions have begun to weigh on me - and am starting to feel a bit burned-out. With Dalton only 4 weeks away, it's important to be in a place with your riding where you're having a lot of fun. The race is 50% mental and if you go into it burned-out, you're sure to crack at night when the fatigue sets-in... took a day-off yesterday and wanted to today, but with friends coming to visit this weekend and thus riding time at a premium, today's ride couldn't be sacrificed... and while it was still a wet one, the winds have at least died-down to 10mph and weren't quite as intolerable as on monday and tuesday when they were literally pushing you back up downhills. That being said, when i went to put my bike gear on this afternoon, i was not looking fwd to the ride - and that's not normal for May when i'm usually really getting into it... a long winter of saddle time on the indoor trainer, cold/snowy rides, salty slush spraying ya' in he face all leads to May when the sun breaks through, short-sleeves are the rule and there's smiles all around... but not this May. I know some sunshine will get me back in the groove, the question is - when will we get some!? Here's hoping for a better June then May - and a rejuvenated desire to ride!


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