Monday, January 22, 2007


the wknd started-out great with an unexpected dump on friday. they said 2", we got a foot. sweet! was so stoked i headed-out with the headlamp after jenn and seneca hit the sheets for some late-night skiing on our road, then hit a short, xc ski trail for a cpl runs w/bronte. knee-high powdah is good for the soul.

saturday, cold, windy, but hit-up mt ellen with a-train and mikey-j, we couldn't resist the call of the powdah. was running a bit late and managed to drive the car off our driveway, no first tracks for us! managed to hit the mtn by 10-1030. by noon, the lifts were on wind hold, but our feet weren't! hiked-up and had a nice run, then got a cpl more good ones when the lower lifts started spinnin' again.

sunday was just as cold, but the ample sun and lower winds made it bearable, got a cpl good runs in before deciding to hit the woods, minus my riding partner - dr mike. dr mike waited and waited, where did jeff go he wondered as i lay somewhere in the woods, way off where i expected to be, jacket torn and arm all banged-up from a nasty encounter with a hidden branch... ended-up boot hiking for a while before making it back to the groomers... then realized i could have gone the opposite way and saved a bunch of time, but was too freaked to be thinking straight. thoughts of a night alone in the woods haunting me, bear food! never ski the trees alone! at least not new england trees with 20" of base. nasty. had to sit the rest of the day out, arm sore and ego busted-up... but glad i learned some lessons this wknd w/o hurting myself too bad - or my property - as that car thing could've been a lot worse.

amazing the turn-around at the mtn - from green slopes and temps in the 50's two wks ago to 100% open and a summit temp of -10 or something yesterday. winter's back!


At 1/22/2007 7:44 PM, Blogger Andy said...

does Jeffy need an in car come-along and 40 feet of cable to live in VT?

maybe just mount a small winch on the front of the subie?

hope the damage wasn't too bad...


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