Friday, August 31, 2007

preppin' for another hundie

wish i could fired-up about this one the way i was for the wilderness 101. that was the race, the big one, the one i'd visualized since march, riding-up roxbury gap on the cross bike through nasty muddy slush freezing into layer upon layer on the booties... went into the season with one major goal - a top 10 overall finish in the NUE 100m endurance series, hoping to be close to the top 5... but then the seatpost snapped and my season goal was crushed. w/only time to schedule 4 of the races and dnf'ing one, it was ovah - and now that i'm packing-up my gear for shen, it isn't with the same zeal, nervousness, and excitement that usually proceeds such an event. the 12hr drive looms, the green mtn stage race is going-off out my front door, what am i driving down there for?... for a little bit of redemption i suppose, to cash-in all those deposits of pain laid-down this spring and summer... i truly love these events, as andy would say, "more moments." moments of doubt, of joy, the sense of accomplishment - or failure.

so now i need to adjust my thinking and make Shen the Big One! gotta get fired up!!! lots of quality in the legs and this wk, lots of rest. been on the cutting, splitting, stacking wood training plan and feeling good. tendonitis in my right arm has been an issue since starting carpentry work a cpl months ago... excuses, excuses... but it is worrisome. training w/the tendonitis is fine as i can stop and shake-out my hand, get feeling into my fingers, but in races you gotta be on the ball... just takes more focus to ride w/an impairment... need to find the focus, get fired-up!!!!

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At 8/31/2007 2:09 PM, Blogger MRussell said...

Best of Luck at the 100. Hope to see you out there.


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