Friday, June 03, 2005

day off

legs were on fire earlier this week after taking last weekend off... got some quality rides in this week and legs are pretty beat-up now, so just going to enjoy the sun today. jenn and i skipped-out of work and are heading to maine to chill. maybe head to camden first, hike-up that little mtn by the ocean, then enjoy some dea dog's at the brewhouse... nice one! (if i don't say so myself). rob and stacey have been cool enough to invite us (and bronte, which is cool) to stay with them in boothbay, so heading down there later today, should be a great weekend, nice weather's here - and a great race to look fwd to on Sunday. the heat could be a factor as it's been so cool here, but gotten through that stuff before. and it's not the 24 hour nationals or anything. interesting story in that link - heat just decimated the field. we rode through that stuff in source burn 24 last year and it was tough stuff, but once the sun went down, it was great riding. anyway...

i got some photos and short video clips from the highland games from melissa - post those when later as i'd rather be drivin' up the coast than sitting here typing!


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