Tuesday, September 20, 2005

ATA Cycles dinks me / Blue Klein sighting!

Well, ATA Cycles has officially let me down. They ordered the Litespeed part the day it was supposed to arrive, lied to me that they had ordered it 3 days prior, charged me for expedited shipping (took 6 days to arrive), then charged me $10 more than the part costs off Litespeed's site. I got super-steamed and told them i was never coming back, their shop's a joke, etc, so they offered me some free tubes, gu's etc... I can take getting ripped-off, but getting lied to is unacceptable. The owner gave me a rippin' deal on my first racing mtbike - a 2001 Giant NRS1 - so i've gone back since to get little things here and there as they're only a couple miles from my house - but i also always leave feeling ripped-off: $3/ft for cable housing, $26 for Assos... don't go to ATA unless you're a wealthy roadie! Their mtbike knowledge is thinner than a bald man's hairline.

On the way to work, saw an old friend - a guy I refer to as 'Blue Klein.' I hadn't seen him in many months, but today's sighting was as expected. He flies by on his hardtail at about 22-23mph, head down, pumping his legs full-out. Racing through traffic, daring me to race him back. He never just rolls-up and says hello - as i do to fellow bike commuters before pulling ahead... Matching his pace isn't an issue, especially on the road bike which i've been riding this summer, but it's not worth the risk on the narrow Boston streets. I've been hit 3 times in 5 years, but since slowing-down and taking things more cautiously the past year and a half, i've been hit ZERO times. It's odd, when I decided to get serious about training and racing, the need for speed when bike commuting completely disappeared. Mr. Blue Klein seems to be willing to risk his life to stay ahead of me - squeezing between moving and parked cars - oblivious or uncaring to the risks of getting doored or a car jumping-out. I'm guessing his ego needs it... i just hope that dude doesn't get squished flat one of these days by an equally over-anxious Boston driver. That being said, i enjoy seeing him, as it's fun to jump on his tail and witness whatever ridiculous move he's about to pull. Sometimes i get a little too close, but figure i can use his body for cushioning if he gets doored.


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