Friday, September 16, 2005

Photos from our backcountry trip in the Adirondacks

It was a great trip, excluding the 10.5 miles of excruciating pain Jenn went through on our hike-out of the park with a dislocated knee! Here are some pics, mostly before the knee - and a few after.

Getting all the gear sorted-out on Sunday afternoon. Entry Point: Tawhaus Iron Works, outside Newcomb, NY. Old titanium mine and heavy logging area, now owned and "protected" by the State of New York as part of the Adirondack park.
getting it sorted-out...

Jenn hiking in...
jenn hikin' on in

Me hiking in - with bronte carrying her own weight!
up, up, up

Jenn with a full pack. The more we eat, the lighter our loads...
full pack - eat more, less to carry!

Morning of day 3, Marcy Dam - today we hike Algonquin, second highest peak in the park. Avalanche Pass and Mt Colden are in the background (where we came from yesterday). By tonight we'll be on the other side of the Pass again...
Jenn and Bronte get their heads into the pic

Me posing for the camera with Bronte...
sunrise at Marcy Dam

Snack break before the final push to the summit. Couldn't resist scrambling-up the falls for a photo-op.
a little pit-stop

Jenn hiking through a beautiful stand of birch.
bronte carrying her weight

Found someone to take our picture at the summit! Avalanche Pass is now right behind/below us.

Lake Colden below to the right - the far shore is our destination for the night - a long way for someone to go with a soon-to-be dislocated knee...
Lake Colden below

Jenn coming down off the top of Algonquin, last pic before the injury...
Algonquin Peak

Can't tell from this pic (can from the next) - but the best lean-to (view) in the park. Jenn taking a much deserved rest with a very swollen left knee. You can even tell in this picture how one knee is round like an orange... i refused to tell her looked bad until we were at the doctor's in Boston 3 days later.
Lake Colden Lean-to - jenn taking a rest

Dinner is done. Just relaxing, looking at one of the most perfect views in the park. Avalanche Pass and Mt Colden reflecting off the water... it's been a long day. Tomorrow Jenn will have to suffer through a final 6.5mile hike - through some rough terrain for first couple miles... a very painful 24 hours for her from the top of Algonquin to our entry/exit point at Tawhaus Iron Works, but for now, one last night of peace and tranquility in the backcountry before re-entering the hectic world. one last perfect sunset

This trip certainly left us hungry for more of the backcountry. With some good therapy on her knee, i'm sure we'll be back-out next summer...


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