Sunday, August 07, 2005

been too long...

It's been a while since i've had time to sit and spend some time on the blog. Work has ramped-up the past couple weeks, then Jenn and I were off to the Jay Challenge, then back into high-speed work-mode on Monday (and pretty beat from Jay)... then on Friday evening we scooted-down to Atlanta to chill with my folks. Now we're getting ready to fly back home, but due to some thunderstorms delaying our flight, have found 30mins to get some thoughts together... This weekend we had a great meal with the folks at a fantastic fish place on the chattahoochie (sp) river, saw my grandpa for brunch today, watched my mom do her thing in the church choir - and of course, got to ride...

Today kicked-off at 645a with a hilly 2-hour ride under heavy cloud, but unexpectadly pleasant temps. One of my dad's riding buddies let me borrow an older steel framed bike, a little large, but well-maintained and with good components. A year ago we would have been playing golf, but now that Jeff Sr has gone bike crazy, we were out with his new riding buddies hammering the hills before most people have gotten their first cup of coffee.

It was great to meet my dad's crew and talk a little about their cycling goals - which right now include getting a century ride in before winter strikes... right-on!

In other news, i posted a race report for the Jay Challenge to the CrankRacing forum, but will publish one here in a few mins - have some pics and some stories that need to be told before it gets too stale. Man, i need a couple 30hour days to get caught-up with my life!


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