Sunday, October 15, 2006


just been bike commutin', not much to blog about, could complain about the way people drive, or how bostonian pedestrians step off curbs across traffic while staring straight ahead (to illustrate their importance?). cars brake, cyclists dip and weave, accidents averted - mostly. with school back-in, commuting home in the dark, things feel less forgiving on the roadways, that's all. nothing new, change of seasons, soon will be accustomed to the night ride, but will certainly miss taking the long way home. plus there's Seneca, the long way, while condusive to riding well, doesn't make as much time for everyone else. but, i'm a believer that there's always a way, always a way to find more time, it's being wasted everywhere, minutes spill into hours and are peed away... this winter into spring will certainly be about learning how to make the most of every minute.

hit the mtb yesterday and today, not for terribly long either day, but felt good to ride in the woods - and to have so much rest in the legs. just riding-out a season of hard work, having fun with it. andy and thom met-up for a cpl hrs today, good times. andy's rocking the rigid fork for cross season, rode it like the 100mm fork he's accustomed to... thom and i had discussed doing a 'cross workout, but where's the fun it that? and nationals is still a long ways off - just need to find some time to train. it's there, just hiding.


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