Thursday, January 25, 2007


a co-worker asked me how i ride to work w/all the crazies on the road. i explained that some days it's crazy and that's fine, you ride defensively, never race a car or other cyclist, think about what every car or pedestrian MIGHT do - and all is well. but some days, the crazies go lunatic. today was one of those days.

sunny, not terribly cold (20F), but for some reason traffic was snarled
and that got folks all worked-up (usually traffic goes lunatic in bad weather as more folks drive to avoid walking to the trains). in boston, it's totally normal for a cpl cars to slide through a light after it turns red, it's part of traffic flow, but running a red light in the middle of the cycle is well, you know, illegal. two cars ran a red and almost took me out today - f'ing lunacy! what are these people thinking? traffic is so stagnant, so one guy just slips across through a red light, almost over me, and into the flow!? what the hell... to add to the lunacy, pedastrians jumped into the mix, walking off curbs at random points due to the molasses-like conditions of traffic is pretty normal, but today it was at lunacy level - hitting a pedestrian, jay-walker or not, never ends well... but, these lunacy days aren't uncommon, so normal that i rarely mention them, no need to get folks who read this (i.e., my family) worried... but this move to Vermont had me thinking this morning about not having to deal with it anymore (minus the days i'm working in boston each month) and i feel a little safer already.

one big drawback to the VT thing is that is was a nice crisp 20 in Boston today, perfect for the bike commute, but was -2 in Waitsfield, that's a big difference! the indoor trainer and i will be getting seriously re-aquainted soon. past cpl wknds in VT i haven't really ridden, been back out on the snow, remembering why i love winter so much. it's been 2yrs since i've been on the snow, and while the skiing is taking away from base training on the bike, it's a good break. instead of going into the first race of the year in condition i'll take my licks and ride into shape... living 6miles from one of the best ski mtns in new england is tough, but someone has to do it.

oh yeah, after a cpl missed opportunities, finally got-out for a night ride w/andy and thom on wednesday. light dusting of snow adding to the ambiance, then plenty of Narragansetts and bbq at redbones after adding to our smack-talking. one good thing about continuing to work in boston a cpl days/every other wk is riding with these guys.


At 1/25/2007 7:42 PM, Blogger Andy said...

hey, glad you didn't get nailed this morning...but if you did probably wouldn't hurt as bad as an 'underbones hangover' ;0

At 1/27/2007 8:29 AM, Blogger Jason said...

I can't believe you guys are heading down to TN again. That's a hell of a drive! Hell, it's 10+ hours for me.

I hope to be at the other East coast 100s, hope to see you and Andy there.

Enjoy the snow.



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