Monday, October 08, 2007


very few times this yr have i ridden for fun, or with friends, too much training, not enough laughs. the kahuna was a well needed, hopefully well deserved, 30+mile tromp through some of the gnarliest, trickest, most bad-ass trails on the planet. well, that last statement is a stretch, let's just stick to New England. almost 80 mtnbike fanatics converged upon Beverly early saturday morning to embark on the quest. Cloudy skies blew-out and as we crested Red Rock to soak-in the view of the ocean across Cape Ann, there wasn't a guy or girl not smilin'... a huge thanks to the organizers of this ride! i could write a ton about this ride, but i don't got time! Andy's got some pics posted, thom took a bunch, maybe to be posted... enormous thanks to Daren Mourneau for letting me ride his pimped-out Wraith. His design, his bike, his way - it rocked - my first ride on a "big bike" ever - and it saved my ass again and again. usually i come home from one of these rides covered in blood, not this time! you point it and shoot the line. AWESOME!

thanks to Mikey-J for riding down to the north shore w/me - and conquering his first Kahuna on his trusty IFab Steel Deluxe.

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