Monday, December 31, 2007


after a brief warm spell w/some R, then wet snow, the mtn has packed-down nice and the trees are skiing/riding sweet! woke-up to steadily falling snow, 2-3 more days of it forecast, couldn't ask for better!

andy cruised-up on fri/sat for some runs w/my bro-in-law chris. both guys hadn't been out in 2yrs, so i helped them warm-up the legs w/the steepest stuff on the hill before hitting the trees for a monster woods run into Slidebrook. from Lincoln Peak you only get to ski 1/3 - 1/2 of the Slidebrook vertical, from Mt Ellen you're out for an epic adventure (at least through the routes i "know"). there's glades skiing, then there's skiing in the woods-woods. andy was all smiles while chris plowed through small unsuspecting saplings, the furry flaps of his flat shimmering w/speed, his face marked in concentration. really good times. thnks for rolling-up guys.

spent saturday w/another ex-skier on the comeback trail, his first day out in years. david ripped it up, pushing the legs till they were mashed potatoes. then sunday afternoon w/nat and mikey-j, back in the trees, searching for the untracked lines... a binding on my board has been loose/broken since Nov, got that fixed w/a zip-tie and the difference was incredible. instead of shooting the line around the drops, was able to take the high road, have some good fun. amazing what a difference functioning equipment makes! now just need to get a board that has edges or onto my teles...

today i'm chillin' w/little miss s, watching the snow fall from the windows vs the lift. no complaints, w/steady snow in the forecast, wednesday's shaping-up to be something special! and i might just be able to sneak-out for a cpl hrs this morning w/the help of our friends. w/2 kids and one in the oven, they won't even notice seneca runnin' about their house. right?


At 12/31/2007 1:39 PM, Blogger Andy said...

i feel like i just rode a hundie! legs are wasted...wet melba toast!

At 1/02/2008 9:03 PM, Blogger Tomi said...

jealous, soooooooooo jealous.


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