Saturday, December 20, 2008

winter break

i've had indoor trainer writer's-block and more notably, indoor trainer rider's block. since almost all my posts, no matter the season, take place on the trainer, this blog has been sidelined.

school is over until jan 12, i was totally burned-out by the end. a lot on the plate for next semester, but 4 wks off should be enough time to get psyched-up for it. been recovering with snowboarding, learning to xc/skate ski, and whining about my steadily declining bike fitness.

three months have past since the great swell of the season's peak crested. i'm in the trough of it now. luckily i haven't hit shore yet, the ride hopefully has one more crest, even though i complain to anyone who'll listen that i'm a donut. jenn's been patient with it so far, but it's only december and the swell is a long ways off and this is her 7th or 8th "wave." it's almost time to start kicking into the next one, a 10p sat night ride in my boxers kicking things off t-nite. definitely weird.

early season on south didn't dissapoint once, crazy stuff considering the crazy weather. i hear some mid-week days got firm, but i was on edgable, riping, fun stuff since turkeyDay, cpl powder days, some man-made powder days:

mellow woods lines opened-up early, haven't been in much since. 2nd day out down lew's line had me bugged-out a bit; next time around was laughing and letting-out spontaneous yee-Haws!

have been keeping-up with the sunday (8a) morning snowboard runs, cpl other days in-between. solid day w/chris (loomis) last sat, crazy conditions, perfect for a snowboard. the ice storm that crushed lower ne mostly spared us, a fine freezing mist formed a crumbly crust over 8" of powder. we'd lean way bag, legs burning and shatter through it, ripping almost anyline we wanted w/the reistance of the ice crackling under and behind us, perfect day for a snowboard, skis more difficult to keep up, so it was practically all ours - on chris's birthday nonetheless.

it's wild that just about everyone in the neighborhood skis/rides, all rip, most with a unique style. my style has changed a lot, smoothed-out from neighbor's tips and teniques, i've picked-up a lot from bill's flowing, movement orientented surf-style, he's gliding, it's sounds easier than it is. the word "gliding" almost presupposes that the task is easy, when instead it is a fluid flowing balancing act of muscle reflex action and reaction. this year i've been trying to go a bit bigger and have found that it takes fresh legs for landing; unfortunately, tired legs are capable of take-off. it's been fun trying, the rush is there in the air.

why rip your knees off or cross decks when you can dangle in comfort? ingenous!

andy took a much needed vacation day for mt ellen's opener.

a crushed blood vessel in his leg was a pissa! crazy injury, out for the day 3 runs into it.

andy's sent some photos since, a foot swollen-up like a salami. before this wknd i was 0-3 on wknds destroyed due to injury when traveling w/andy, i'm still in the red on that debt. hope you heal-up quick and glad you made it out in one piece! it was good to get together.

dec 25th update:
i've been meaning to finish this post for days. currently squeezing-in some indoor time while seneca naps, xmas day or not, a little exercise hits the spot - and the mtn is looking cold and firm today... after 4 days of fantastic powder! it's been a good last few days. merry christmas, happy holidays and may the new year kick some serious ass.


At 12/27/2008 11:37 PM, Anonymous VancityAllie said...

Merry Christmas to you too! Great photos. Looks like fun.

It's true, hard to find time to write posts when there's so much POWDER!!!!!!


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