Friday, June 10, 2005

last couple days have been sweet!

My legs are en fuego! I've had to cut-back this week's plan a bit as my original plan was too aggressive, but i've found the sweet spot. 2-2.5 hrs hard followed by 3-3.5 hours easy, split into 2 and 3-a-day workouts, so never really on the bike for more than 60-90mins at a time. Recovery is so very key. Have an awesome 5-6 hour technical mtbike ride tomorrow morning with the freeride/technical guru himself, Mr Peter "Andy" Sanidas, so i'm pretty stoked about that. riding with andy is great as he picks the best line through unmanageable stuff, BUT he also has a tendency to fly through the air off huge shit, so his line can get dicey. I think of full suspension as the best way to keep my tires on the ground while Andy sees full suspension as liberation from the ground. He makes it all look so easy that by mid-season i'll try to take to the air again... and probably crash hard like usual. Why did i wait to start mtbiking so late in life? Anyway, it'll be a good one tomorrow, even with Harry bagging-out on us to go to his own graduation party. I think it would have been great to get wicked lost in the woods and have Harry like 2 hours late for his own party. That'd be classic... and talking about Harry, here's an 18 year-old guy who's training hard day-in and day-out, while his friends are ... partying!? as that's what people do when they're that age - but he seems to always be doing the right thing. Got a lot of respect for that brother.

Yesterday was Jenn's 29th birthday! Yippee! Great excuse to have more wine than we should. We had a great dinner and relaxed, didn't worry about all the stuff we need to do, it was perfect. I did manage to mow the lawn before we left, but that's nothing in comparison to the dreaded paint-chipping project i've been avoiding... and only 5 days left to start and finish that one. But the stone steps are done - and jenn says they look awesome (direct quote), so my avoiding one project has led to the completion of another. That's cool, right? We've been putting-off sanding and painting the myriad of steps and porches at our house since we bought it - and my parent's visit has been the "drop-dead" date for this project for a long time... then it rained for 6 straight weekends, then race season began... then... then... does anyone care about my steps besides me? No? Of course not, so why do i keep babbling about them? 'cuase it's my blog! Wow, there's the narcissist in me, not that blogging isn't inherently narcissistic.


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