Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Shithead mood is over

Seems like (i have been) complaining a lot the past couple days. Not cool. Time to turn a corner, get positive - and fired-up for this weekend! This morning's ride was definitely a help. Ample sunshine, one last warm stretch of weather... bumped into a fellow commuter i see from time to time - i let him pull me for a bit, then jumped in front to return the favor until he disappeared in the ever thickening traffic. Which got me thinking about my buddy, mr. blue klein, and wondering why he gets me fired-up when he goes by, head down, legs pumping ferociously, givin' it his best. Why would i care how he chooses to ride or if he's risky his life, not my decision. Maybe he only has 30mins in the morning and at night and the dude's gotta hammer to try to make-up for duration. I realized this morning that i've simply been in a shit-head mood the past couple days and that it's time to move-on. Moving on...

Taper begins in earnest for the vt50 today. 90% duration yesterday, 75% today, 50% tomorrow with spin-ups, Friday off, 50% duration saturday with spin-ups. I think. It's always changing depending on how the legs feel. When i first got into this whole training thing 30months ago i asked Rob what the secret to his success was. His response, "listen to your body..." been doing that ever since... mostly... when not obsessing about rides. So conflicted, but it's a great thing to be conflicted about!


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