Friday, July 14, 2006

in a groove

switched-up the training schedule 2 weeks ago, more speed, less duration. legs are loving it and helped break me out of a mid-season funk that was permeating not only da legs but da mind. fitness might be eroding slowly under the surface, but have a good plan on tap to get through the Jay. after that, it's all gravy, baby on the way, time to get real. not like i'm not already there. had my typical once-a-month friday lunch up at Clery's today. Big-ass burger, two Guiness and enough cole slaw to ... i don't know.

crazy heat wave coming through today. low 90's this wknd, high humidity, gonna be a broiler on sunday. figure i'll go for a cruise tomorrow mid-day, try to get re-acclimated to a thick, slow, heat. thinkin' 'bout carrying a 3rd btl at Dalton to spray on the head, or cut my hair off. nah.

went for a mtbike rip last night w/Andy in the Fells. grabbed the Steel Deluxe and noticed blood all ovah the cockpit on the left side. instead of freaking me out, got fired-up for this sunday at Dalton. what's wrong with me? was planning on taking it easy, didn't want to risk a fall on the stiched-up fingah, but minutes into the ride we were rippin' along on the best the Fells has to offer - and was riding the lines as solid as i have all yr. the new training cycle helps, feel like i'm back in a groove i haven't felt since late last season. may not be the most talented, fastest, or dedicated rider out there, but sure am havin' fun right now.

of course, the upcoming addition to the our family possee helps the spirts as well!


At 7/15/2006 6:32 AM, Blogger IF Chicks said...

First there was Curt's "bloody sock", now the legend spreads across the land of the IF lad with the bloody brake lever !
kick ass in dalton, you own that course...

At 7/16/2006 5:26 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Fun's what it's all about . Good luck JW!

Wow that tummy is ready!! Whoo hoo! Good luck with that too.



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