Sunday, July 02, 2006

oh canada

while us american suv drivin', Bush-lovin' crazies are drinking buds, getting sunburned, and blasting our pinkies off w/m80's to celebrate the 4th of july, these crazy canucks are bustin'-out their own partay, aptly named: canada day. they know how to name a holiday in the great north. want to party, shoot-off fireworks and drink beer under a "blazing" sun? yeah! ok, us canucks need a name for our excuse to not work on monday due to massive hangovers and missing eyebrows... independance day is already taken... canada day!

my weekend of frivolity started pretty solid. snuck-out of work at 1p on friday, met-up w/andy and it was time to ride. legs were little beat-up, but whatevah.

andy discovered this was a lot deeper than it looked...

closing trouble-tickets from the "other office"

look at them hardtails. purdy.

after drivin' a billizion hours up into the maritimes yesterday, got-out for a hard ride today here in new brunswick. these are some of my favorite roads. evah. twisty, rolling hills on cracked asphalt, nonexistent shoulders, yet barely any cars to bother a brother. scenic views, farm houses, occasional cattle. a light misty rain at the start of the ride, sun breaking through in patches by the middle when i hit st martin's on the southern end of the bay of fundy. the legs weren't really happy today, but beat on 'em anyway and as usual they woke-up on the ride home, or maybe that was the 20mph tailwind pushing my seriously suffering body back the way i'd come. hoping to get some pics tomorrow if it isn't raining, but i may just lay on a raft in a lake and enjoy canada day wknd the way it should be enjoyed, with a bass in one hand, a ____ in the other. fill in the blank with whatever suits your fancy.


At 7/03/2006 6:53 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Hmmm... Bass in one hand and I know what I WANT in the other, damn "laws".

Those hard tails are look purty. I have a kick ass FS but I'm thinking 1 HT and 1 softail for next season, but Do NOT tell Wifey.

Hey when is the due date? Before I forget- good luck and don't stress. Easier said than done I know.



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