Thursday, July 13, 2006

rain is good

it was raining so hard on the ride home last night i still have swimmer's ear this morning. 5' into the ride was so completely soaked that i sat-up in the saddle on the Esplanade, raised my arms to the dark sky, rain coming-down in sheets, smiled, and began laughing out loud. all the stresses of the work-week, life, were gone. if it'd been a sunny day, i doubt the ride would have been so cleansing, no pun intended - and if i was in a car or on the subway!? jenn, subsequently had a BMV SUV a-hole almost crash into her car, then pull-up next to her and start yelling absurb things, culminating in him calling her a c@nt. and she was driving the rotary correctly, while he failed to yeild. pretty effin' lame. instead, i stumbled through the basement door an hour later giggling like a little kid.

dalton xc is this weekend. 3 laps of the last year's 24 hours of Adrenaline course (slightly modified). three 10mile laps in the baking sun? wish it was more. nursing the injured pinkie, cut the training rides a little short this week, but am glad i cut the pinkie open and not a finger I really need to use in the cockpit. testing the finger out a bit w/Andy t-nite. will probably stick to fireroads, hit-up some asphalt, some singletrack... can't risk going-down on the fingah, but also can't handle not mtbiking!

it's a little late, but huge congrats to Harlan for taking home the yellow in the Tour de Burg. that's an event i'd love to do - and have been penning a letter of intent since hearing about it. also, big luck to Harlan and Tiffany (and Skip) in this wknd's Breckenridge 100 (from the website, "You’ll cross the Continental Divide three times, climb 12,000 foot passes..."). Harlan's got an absurdly good chance of winning this year's Ultra 100 series. Sweet!


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