Monday, June 12, 2006

props! jay mtb update

if anyone reads this silly blog and wants to do an epic of a "more civilized" nature, Dan DeRoisers has introduced a 45miler at Jay this year (Sunday july 30th). andy and i have been kicking around the idea of the wilderness 101 / jay mtb combo. thom likened the sanity of this plan to the grand sport of ferret legging. that being said, is anyone looking to drive a couple freaks from state college pa to jay vt on sat night? it's only an 11hour drive. leave at 6pm sat, 2hrs after finishing the 101, totally cramp-up on the drive, then hop-out at 5am for breakfast and warm-up for the jay? crazy? anyone got any ferrets?

looking at the results from Big Bear, looks like Buck and his buddy won the Duo class (on ss's). Kerry's team took the win in expert 4-woman. Steve Schwarz took-on Ernie and won in the solo class, i thought Steve rode for IF, but i guess he's rollin' with Titus (unless there are 2 steve schwarz's in maryland?). unlikely. don't matter, that dude had a big race. may the schwarz be with you.

in local racing news, while i was in niskayuna, one of the biggest turn-outs for an EFTA / Root66 mtb race was taking place in topsfield, our backyard. haven't gotten the full scoop, results ain't up, but the rumours are that thom had a monster race, while andy kicked some serious booty, puncture and all. nice one.

forgot to thank rob follansbee for letting me borrow a road bike for my dad to use this wknd. that epic meant a lot to both of us, thanks rob. rob hasn't been getting-out as much this season due to having 2 little ones, but he still scored a top 10 at the well's ave crit. even when not training hard, you can't take the race outta a racer...


At 6/12/2006 12:01 PM, Blogger Andy said...

what about Jared...he's a pilot with his own plane...


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