Friday, September 08, 2006

riding. as a first-time dad.

everyone told me to hang-up my chamois, being a new dad is too much to handle and ride. i guess these same fire and brimstone folks aren't married to my amazing wife. sleep? well, as mike jordan told me, it's over-rated. jenn's doing the hard work, staying-up all night feeding seneca, my role around here is to cook meals and do chores, while jenn's mom handles clean-up and general assistance. after less than 48hrs home, we're running a damn smooth operation here. since this is a riding blog, here's how a new father's rides went-down this wk:

Monday: awaken at 330a to jenn's contractions. 9a, hit the trails for a 2hr mtb. 11:58p, our beautiful perfect baby daughter is born.

Tuesday: at hospital all day, learning how to hold our daughter, enjoying our time as a new family.

Wednesday: I head home at 9p, jenn stays at hospital w/Seneca, pick-up our dog, on indoor trainer at 10:30p, ride untill 12:30a or so.

Thursday: Coming home day! busy, busy, get onto the indoor trainer at 830p, dog-tired but force myself to ride till 10p.

Friday: over breakfast i'm given the green light to race Root66 race this wknd, decide to take a rest day.

Saturday (tomorrow): plan to spin for a bit, get legs warmed-up for Sunday. haven't ridden more than 10hrs/wk since Jay 60 wknd (july 29th), need to get legs back in gear for planned hard wk next wk for VT50 prep. sunday's xc will be perfect way to kick-off hard wk.

Sunday: Root66 XC.

i love our daughter so much... it's a love only a father (or mother) can have. if seneca were to get sick or jenn have complications, i wouldn't even think about riding, but since everyone's healthy and happy i can sit here and brag about how i get to do it all. except sleep.


At 9/10/2006 2:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yippeee! Cingrats to you both on happy mom and baby!

give a shout if you need anything like a dog walker or house cleaner etc....somehow babies are more inportant that laundry till you've got no skivvies left!

Mo and Matt :)


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