Friday, September 01, 2006

still waiting

been on a mission to get stuff done the past cpl wks. some call it nesting, i think it's more taking the mind off the waiting game. got ambitious at work and decided to do some server and workstation upgrades, managed to erase a good portion of my hard drive while testing. anything not backed-up is gone, which is most of my personal stuff. has me really bummed out for some reason. mostly pictures, letters and the like - why didn't i back more of this stuff up?

most of the east coast militia is rolling to the shenandoah 100 this wknd. good times to be had there. andy's looking lean and mean, hope he has a good one along w/thom, skip, kerry and the PA/VA crew. i think all Harlan needs to do is finish this race to take inaugrual ultra mtb series, so he might as well enjoy it, fill his camelback with gin and tonics or something. wish i was there to congratulate him in person, next yr. and while they pedal and pedal, jenn and i hope to be welcoming a our new human to the world - really hoping the little fella rolls this wknd!

been thinking about commuter-racing a bit this past wk while cruising the bike path and decided it's not that i'm frustrated w/folks getting their competitive spirit on, it's my inability to control my pace when challenged. when one can ignore outside influences and ride for one's-self only, that's getting your Buddha on, but at the same time, the burning desire to finish one place higher in the overall, to pass one more person, that's something i'd never want to give-up... and thus yet another duplicity of character is uncovered while pedaling, lightly examined, and hopefully now ignored.


At 9/02/2006 8:31 AM, Blogger JB said...

The old yin and yang

id and ego

There's a balance point there somewhere, but it changes daily.

At 9/05/2006 7:25 AM, Blogger rick said...

so, the new one here yet?


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