Tuesday, October 24, 2006

no racing = boring posts

blog's been kinda boring, no race reports to post or total geek-outs on what tires to run. been getting-in some fun mtb's, commutin', hopefully make it to cross practice this week, but no race reports... next month i'll have a cpl - as i signed-up for master men's at nationals and better do 1 or 2 races before the big show. right now i'm partaking in a super-top-secret training regimine which involves a lot of beer and ... a lot of beer.

i got this tidbit of news to share in an otherwise boring post: my medford mansion is up for sale! highest bidder takes it. you want to live in medford? this could be your big chance, save realtor fees, buy direct. hell, i might even "forget" a 4" travel botique bike in the basement if the right buyer comes along. 1575 sq ft of hardwood floor living space, located convienently on top of a big-ass hill, every ride ends with an effort, less than a 1/4 mile from the middlesex fells, pretty sweet spot - can see the city and the woods from the house. oh, the juxtaposition.

jenn and i at first decided we'd live out of the subbie with the dog and seneca, but decided it could get a bit dicey in the winter, so we're off to the Mad River Valley in Vermont. oh yeah. gonna go up into them there hills and come-out a riding monster - or a bearded hippie with an inability to remember what i ate for breakfast. either way, it'll be a good time.

it'll be sad to say goodbye to the fair city of Boston, all its love and charm. was only run-off the road twice last night and once this morning, i doubt it'll be so exciting in vermont, all those quiet miles of empty roads and trails. seriously, though, what'll be sad is leaving our friends... i came to Boston in the fall of '98 to live with a cpl buddies from High School. dr mike had gotten into some sort of nano-laser MIT grad program, so Zoof and I tagged along, drank and smoked a lot, you know, the usual, i'm 23 and live in a city with more fine chiquitas than i ever dreamed possible kinda thing, which meant we spent most nights in a bar, followed by a plate of cheap chinese food and most mornings started with a hangover, rarely with one of the fine chiquitas previously mentioned, but hells yeah, it was a good effin' time.

we move-on. married, dog, kid, time to roll-out and live the next phase of the dream. vermont.


At 10/24/2006 6:14 PM, Blogger John Hurley said...

Congrats on the move.

Moving out here to Nevada was a big change for me but like you said it's the "next phase of the dream".

I always wondered what people were talking about when they say the "quality" of life is better in xyz. I figure you'll still be working everyday, how can it be that much better.....now i know and if you don't you will soon.

At 10/24/2006 6:21 PM, Anonymous .n. said...


At 10/25/2006 7:13 AM, Blogger rick said...

excellent! I love it over there, beautiful territory but I've always wondered what people do for work there beyond the ski industry and ben and jerry's?

good luck on the move.

At 10/25/2006 12:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The water is sweet the rideing is great and we'll be glad to see you in the Valley

The bearded hippie who can still remember a few things.

See you this wkd.

At 10/25/2006 3:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

vermont eh? you lucky sumbitch. give the 6gap ride a go when you get up there...

At 10/25/2006 4:12 PM, Blogger Barkernews said...

Check out Mad River Glen ski area.

At 10/27/2006 7:40 AM, Blogger Andy said...

this could only mean that there will be an annual tri-state ride from your house to Conway to mine and back to VT hitting every pub in-between.


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