Friday, January 26, 2007


-9 and counting. bought one of those high-class thermometers for outside, there she sat, crowded between long, slender models, some 2' long, others sporting barmometer sidekicks. to the right a wall of 12" rounders, resplendent in scenes of nature, men hunting, dog hunting, hunting. hidden squarely away she sat, shy, only 4" wide, nothing fancy, a beauty for $3.79.

got-out for a run w/bronte, the wind chill on my face when running was too much. i stopped at the top of a short xc ski run which links into the waitsfield common, then down a paved descent to a dirt road back around to the house. not sure how long the loop is, not much, many a mile and a half at most... i'm pretty excited to make a bunch more loops, singletrack, dirt, paved, up, down, out the door. some for running, some for riding the wide tires and the skinnies, others for family walks and time with the b-dog, which was today. she was built for this. we can only mtb togther when it's 30 or below, otherwise she's too hot to perform, had a good rip on wed night minus a bloodied eye, but once past zero i have a hard time getting on the mtb, but the b-dog is on fire! just ripping, full-out, that dog was meant to live in places where -9 is nothing, where being the friendliness, most snuggly dog is out of necessity, 3 dog night man, but back to the mtb, with conditions firming-up, i'm feeling a trip to newport for the jay winter mtb is in order. was going to do support, but this ride is calling my name. they all do. such a ride slut. could just be the wine talking.


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