Tuesday, May 15, 2007

just riding along

been getting my ride on. headed-out in search of some singletrack, up bragg hill rd into fayston. yeah, crappy view.

i like the casual placement of the old sink, stove and bathtub.

saturday's ride w/mike turned into a bit of a bushwack. yes, we are "riding" mtbikes here. you can kinda see mike's red jersey through the trees. was fun to go play in the woods, get lost for a bit, then of course pop-out exactly where we started.

been into camel's hump forest a cpl times now, looking for more than snowmobile trails or sections of fireroad referred to as mtbike trails. where are you singletrack!?

on monday headed up the other side of the valley, "my" side, in search of a route over Scrag Mtn:

the trail went from fireroad to unridable pretty quick:

then to a "no trespassing" sign. a map i snagged shows a route over Scrag Mtn, gonna keep trying until i scope it out. there's a long along the top of the Northfield Range, gotta be a trail up there, cpl other routes to scope - hopefully not more bushwacking - at least not while being shot at or chased by wild dogs, though the dog thing does get the pedals turning.

bailed off Scrag and headed to what's already becoming "old reliable", the trails of "Dennyland." Being new to the Valley, i have no idea why they're named dennyland... little maze(s) of singletrack.

and back in Boston today. it's an insane contradiction, being back here in the city, riding my 15-20mile route from the north shore to the south end. gotta keep thoughts of home at bay and focus on this lunatic drivers!


At 7/15/2007 7:02 PM, Blogger Brendan said...

I tried to get up Scrag a while back too...I know as a kid there were trails going up there but it seems to be off limits now!


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