Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i like bikes

i apologize for the really boring race report below. wasn't emotionally committed to that one, was kinda just out riding my bike, you know? not saying i wasn't giving 'er my all, it was just a different experience than i've had before. with goals set low, it was easy to be mellow mentally, while also being ready psyically - normally those two things are tied closer together. what i really wish the below race report was, is pictures of all the amazing bikes we had stashed on the front porch of the cabin. Harlan's new IF Ti 29'er, which he built on thursfri, working until pretty late friday night - that guy was cool as a cucumber, i'd been freaking-out! Elk's fully rigid IF Deluxe SS w/rim brakes, which may or may not be the bike he won the SS class on a cpl yrs ago at the 101, see, these are the questions i NEED to ask! My trusty steed, the IF Steel Deluxe with more scratches than paint. Andy's steel Igleheart - a bike he shattered last yr and was carefully rebuilt by Igleheart in the off season. Namrita's Kona purple unit SS 29'er - a bad-ass bike! Harvey's Ti IF Deluxe w/all the bells and whistles - light-as, but light don't make it go, that's the legs and lungs. and finally, eddie's Kona, the only bike i didn't fully inspect. with it's silver non-paint paint job, it certainly looked the ballz from afar. nam's got some good photos up on her blog... 6 bikes, 5 forks, 0 shocks. i wimped-out on going fully rigid, hadn't ridden my mtbike all winter and was skeered. think i'll bust it out for the mohican. snow is almost melted here in northern vt... 2 more wks and we'll be riding trails i reckon. TWO MORE WEEKS!?

finally back in vermont. had to work in boston before heading to the cohutta, then straight back to boston for work. waking-up this morning in vermont, seeing little miss s for first time in a wk, was better than any race. who knew coming home would trump the endurance race finisher's buzz?


At 4/25/2007 1:12 PM, Blogger wraith said...

Nice race jeff, sounds like the winter carbo load didn't hurt you too much.


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