Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Since 2007 was to be the last year i was to procrastinate. ever. i decided it was ok to procrastinate one last time and do these new years resolutions a little late. i mean, seriously, i'll totally make-up for it. i won't be procrastinating anymore. time itself will be my bitch.

And the resolutions are:

No more procrastinating. Starting tomorrow.
Join local cycling clubs, meet other local riders, go on group rides.
No more beer. in excess. "no more beer" on it's own is just crazy. on second thought, this one's out.
Ride faster.
Eat more donuts.
Wake-up earlier.
Bring my camera more often.

Be more sensitive to other humans and dogs and stuff.

Get less mechanicals!
Put together a sick 100 mile mtb route here in the Mad River Valley, then get some folks up here to do a test run.

'08 is going to be the hardest year yet for me to find time to ride. '07 found me away from home for 4-5days for each 100mile race, then skipping local xc races to spend time at home with our new little one or catch-up on chores. i utilized my free time almost exclusively for riding - even during the late winter powder storms...

this winter, would rather be outside than riding in the basement on the trainer. have to remember that i don't "owe" cycling anything even though it can feel that way once you get into it. and with the addition of 3 classes at UVM, time will be tight, but i have to believe riding/racing is doable - and that it can be done w/o shortchanging my family-time... or work. or school.

Since i mentioned in a previous post that in '08 i'd discuss how i train, etc, here's how the first cpl weeks of the year went:

First wk of Jan:
Mon-Fri: Planned 60mins/day trainer. Averaged closer to 45.
Sat-Sun: Planned 3hr trainer session. Instead, went for a solid snowshoe w/my neighbor john up Scrag Mtn, then sledded-down as much as we could. john's an animal, breaking into jogs, breaking trail. The 6-10 feet of fluffy snow hung from the trees and pushed the trail up into their boughs. It was a winter-wonderland hike - and a sick all-body workout that rejuvenated the spirit and got me fired-up to play outside more this winter.

Second wk of Jan:
Mon-Fri: Planned 60mins/day trainer. Mon-Wed got the 60, the Thurs-Fri got 40min or so.
Sat: Planned 3hr trainer. Instead hiked up Burnt Rock w/Mikey-J. warm temps had melted the snowpack into a crust - a crust you'd occasionally posthole through w/o the showshoes above 1500ft or so. At 2000-2500ft the tops of the trees were encrusted in ice and
sparkled brilliantly as the sun's early rays spread across the conifers. soon, big fat drops of water began to fall like a light rain. of course no camera for me as usual...
Sun: 3hrs of tele skiing.

'08 Races:
Start racing mid-to-late May.
Race closer-to-home (which means less 100milers).
Root 66 Series.
An EFTA race or 2.
Wilderness 101
Hampshire 100k
Vermont 50


At 1/18/2008 10:15 AM, Blogger jason said...

when are you up here for classes? brig a bike and we ride.....about aht vt hundie, i have a route in the champlain valley that needs testing.

At 1/18/2008 10:34 AM, Blogger jeff said...

class on mon / wed late afternoon, could ride before. come spring, hoping to ride to/from uvm cpl days/wk, figure that'll take care of base. and will be there in the summer for a class or two.

i'm up for testing any epic route!

At 1/20/2008 8:47 PM, Blogger peidave said...

Just add 50 miles to the standard Valley Vt 50 warm up rt: Cobb hill to Waterbury trails to (the)camels hump to ctr fayston to Mad River Path.. add to that: movie theatre, stage coach, phenn basin, hyde away, marble hill- Maple Twist, cyclone, clinic gs .... hmmm I'm stuck here... forget gs - exit at butternut and go into Dennyland - cruise through town, Tremblay rd - to gravel pit to floodwoods to Dr Marcy's, to Ron's beaver pnd loop onto Moretown school trails cross 100B do Grandma's ... that's gotta be 100 miles!

Stay close to home - I like that idea.

At 1/30/2008 2:55 PM, Blogger Chris said...

UVM? WTF! Dude, 3 classes is a lot. Jeffrey you've done me proud.


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