Monday, February 25, 2008


the riding has been just about perfect the since last monday's R. temps dropped, turned the dirt roads to rock. our driveway could easily host a game of hockey. the studded tires hook-up great, fast rolling in comparison to sloggin' through packed powder. the key is getting outside before the warming late winter sun beats down and slushes 'em up... the rest of the time, which is to say, most of the time, i'm huddled over my computer and textbooks in the basement, spinning in the cool dimness while rays of sun occasionally slant down through the cracks in our porch, powering through the grime built-up on a window sitting inches above the ground. but, at least i've got a trainer. and a basement. and an old dirty window. and a cpl IFab bikes with xtr. and a beautiful wife. adorable daughter. cuddly dog. i digress. the riding. first time since labor day that i've gotten 10hrs in a week. am beginning to feel a bit more optimistic about regaining the form i had in '07. can finally think about racing again, it's been way too long of a lay-off, by april it'll have been 8 months since i've raced. that's crazy! where in the hell did the time go?

thinking 'bout building a super secret new bike for this yr. in depth pics and description of my Steel Deluxe to be posted, as it's for sale! it's loaded. full group of 2007 XTR with Mavic SLR wheelset. Pimp.


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