Tuesday, March 11, 2008

north shore

the snowpack is deep.
needed some dirt!
headed to some of the best biking new england has to offer.
i love it here. there.
drove hard, rode hard, bonked, day 1.
perfect weather, brad rockin' the hardtail,
andy going big, thom borrowed, skip skipping,
barry saving my life,
here's day 2, andy riding along

survived. barely.
day 2. should be breakfast, closer to lunch.
munchin day-old fake crabmeat sushi.
on the wall.
is that...

andy and i headed-out.
plenty of sun.
in greenwood, bumped into josh who mentioned a new kicker among other things.
andy bumps into it a few mins later...

so glad to have gotten out!
thnks for not running me over barry.
i owe you.


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