Monday, March 17, 2008


last week or two it's been hard to catch a ride when the sun's been out. schedule's tight, get yer ride-on when ya' can. of course, it's sunny today and i've got no time to spin! maybe i can get creative and make it happen. writing this blog post isn't helping my time mngmt!

with time tight, if i've only got two hrs, figure i might as well hit it hard. point the bike up a big hill and ride. not sure if this training approach will work-out come racing season, but it's what i got time for - and really fun.


At 3/18/2008 7:58 AM, Blogger rick is! said...

thats a nice peak there early ride.

At 3/18/2008 8:16 AM, Blogger Andy said...

that's some interval training alright.

here is a graph of my ride yesterday...



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