Monday, January 05, 2009

'08, over and done

it's over. 2008. my nearly 3 month break is over. time to get pedaling for '09; back to cramming it all in. work. school. training. family. sleep. and some partying. after the break riding is fun again, sometimes even on the trainer. but not tonight. my legs are hurting, hard to ignore the pain w/typing or youtube, had to grab a beer. it works for me.

'08 was a weird ass yr on the bike.
late start to training,
poor results all season,
but riding more than ever, probably too much for racing.
eased-up in mid august and was flying after that.

got to ride for 7-8 days on the colorado trail w/andy, tim and glen.
andy's a good bro, the best, and getting to know tim and glen on the trail was great.
go team.
we found our weaknesses, or at least i did.
the high mtns were, for me, insanely beautiful while wildly overwhelming.
cloud banks had me spooked, thunder uneasy.
but the views.
and the climbs.
and the hour long descents were incredible.
couldn't have asked for better company or weather.
we just didn't know shit.
and it was a blast.
need to write that story-up one of these days.
a cpl of andy and tim's pics:

was out for at least 90mins sunday w shawn p,
perfect weather for it, dirt roads nice and firm.
but 16 degrees takes a lot out of you.
i needed a long nap by the fire to get me going again after that one.

this yr's plan isn't much different that last yrs, but need a new goal. ideas are appreciated! maybe work on my road license a bit, defend the 50, maybe a cpl local xterra's, or back into the NUE 100 mile series? it is the perfect distance... but after colorado, i'm looking for longer days in the saddle. glen mentioned kokapelli, sounds good to me, but early for me... babble, babble, babble. time to get to bed.


At 1/08/2009 8:14 AM, Blogger Andy said...

Durango, sept 19th, sswc 09 and kokapelli.

At 1/09/2009 4:15 PM, Blogger Big Bikes said...

Guy, you should come "down south"
for a mid-winter training camp. I'll take time off from work, we'll ride a bunch of crappy roads, it'll suck, but we'll have recovery cocoa...with Bailey's. Mmm, Bailey's...creamy...beige.


At 9/24/2010 2:42 AM, Anonymous Maggie said...

Good stuff! I continue to enjoy reading these posts


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