Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ever enough?

got a liter of coffee by my side,
this day is cruisin' by quicker than i can get stuff done.
as usual, time is at a premium, but longer days are delivering more of it.
trails are drying, but leaves and blow-downs thick, days and weeks of raking are needed.
a 2hr mtb ride on sat turned into a 4hr bushwack;
should have brought a rake and hiking boots,
should know this stuff by now!

been taking seneca to school in the Chariot,
ditching it there and riding to work.
it's almost 60mins total ride time each way,
not very exciting ride time, but any ride time away from the indoor is good ride time!
hours are shorter this yr, will they be "enough?"
enough to defend a win i never thought possible?

the weather refuses to break into spring,
then again, 50's and misty is spring in VT.
we'll go from winter to summer in a blink,
the leaves will pop and it'll be on,
and i'll lament (again) how i should have ridden more in march and april.
but, (there's always a "but!") when the sun does shine, the snowpack beckons;
the spring boarding has been fantastic;
hard to spin when the lines are still so good!

burn-out struck hard this yr.
big rides in late feb and march wore me out,
a chest infection took hold on a cold 6hr ride and wouldn't let go.
it's been a month and just now feeling fine.
the legs are a' firing, the body willing.

will this be a good yr!?

of course.

but will it be a good yr on the bike?


At 4/22/2009 12:55 PM, Blogger rick is! said...

I love our chariot. there is nothing b likes more than to have daddy roll into school with the chariot in tow. man do the other kids get jealous.


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