Wednesday, February 18, 2009

9 days in a row!

no complaints today!
it was the 5th consecutive day i rode outside and the 9th day i'd ridden in a row!
warm temps melted-off a lot of our valley snowpack, but left us with amazing dirt road and snowmobile trail riding (below 1500 feet).
feeling like a bike racer again, at least a mtnbike racer, not sure what it takes to feel like a roadie.
but, talking 'bout being a roadie, just got into the Battenkill masters 30+.
that should thoroughly kick my ass.

my road bike (lemond carbon/steel) group is shot, drivetrain shot, 5+yrs of hard use. can't decide between shimano and sram... any inputs from cyberspace?

i leave my office driveway, head west and within a mile am climbing roxbury gap:

riding at dusk can get a bit brisk, but great views help the chill.
these days, 20 degrees feels balmy.


At 2/18/2009 1:20 PM, Blogger Big Bikes said...

Ah, too bad you won't be doing Battenkill with me and Sanidas in the Cat 4 White Group(it is kind of messed up how they separate the Cat 4s by race). That's what you get for being so f-in fast ya bastid.


At 2/21/2009 7:15 AM, Blogger Andy said...

cat 4, masters 30 plus, why can't we just go ride our bikes as a big group? who needs all this separation anyway?
BTW, judging by the amount of riding I've been getting there a cat 7 group I can get in?


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