Tuesday, February 03, 2009


it's crazy.
the older i get, the better it gets.
time can be tight,
but so much more is accomplished.
the problem is, time is rarely not present...

among other things, bike riding removes time - once the route is known.
set paths deliver us in a timely fashion to our destination, the mind is left to wander and graze.
this morning's ride was a reminder of how much i miss losing time;
losing myself, and in so doing, being refreshed.

winter is the toughest season.
time shrinks with the sun,
rides are buried under drifts of snow.
stresses build like faults.

amazing off-piste ski/snowboard runs certainly help, last wknd's run was incredible.
it's only tuesday and i'm already daydreaming of the next journey into the steep basin that lies on the eastern flanks of our ridge...
but, the outdoor rides must increase - and a commitment to xc skiing fully explored.
gliding across fields, churning-up hills, and holding-on for life on descents could be just the ticket for losing some time...


At 2/04/2009 7:59 AM, Blogger jason said...

how is your tele going? have a split board? up for snowshoing?

found some amazing trees up on camels hump, more meadow skipping than shreading the gnar. but that is what I like.

hit me up if you want to spend a day exploring.

At 2/04/2009 1:19 PM, Blogger Big Bikes said...

See, deep...poetic...awesome.

Love this shit!


At 2/08/2009 8:08 AM, Blogger Andy said...

spring will lead to summer,
there will be more to "waste"
once the sun sets at 9 pm again.
Hang in there,
keep getting better.


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