Sunday, June 12, 2005


saturday's ride went just as it should. we left andy's around 845, cruised 5miles up the road to gordon college and it was all singletrack until 1p when we hit-up the food and water cache andy had planted in the woods (pimp!). of course he planted it on top of decent little climb (but with a view of cape ann) and by this point we had both been out of water for a while - and were stumbling around like drunkards. after snorting-down a couple pbj's, oreos, water, red bulls and of course - a beer, we powered-back to south hamilton, which was great as the legs had gotten worked so hard all week, then in the heat all day, but they still were able to come alive at the end when needed to save my ass from jenn's wrath at me being so damn late! a 5 hour ride always turns into 6.

after not riding today, my hamstrings are crazy tight. jenn and i crammed a week of yardwork into today, so my back is pretty wrecked from that, then being pulled in the other direction by my hammy's. sweet. just took 4 vitamin I's, which i never take, so that should loosen something up, or burn a hole in my stomach... which is currently being protected by a tasty Porter as i have just gotten home from a server emergency at my office - the 2nd of the day. the excitement never stops at 121 fern.

now that i've completed my highest volume week of cycling, with the exception of a 24-hour race week, how to take this training into the next two weeks is taking shape... easy day tomorrow, good morning hill work tues, then hard ride in the afternoon, and then i'm getting pretty close to being in full-out taper mode... so many rides focused on being ready for this race... and i just decided that even if i do well at dalton, i will skip World's as there are so many kick-ass races out there that i need to do - just need to pick one... then jenn and i can go for a week-long backpacking trip somewhere sweet-as with all the money we saved from not going to world's. it's been 3 years since i've been on a backpacking trip for more than 2 nights. that's just wrong. epic trips change your life.


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