Thursday, September 22, 2005

La Ruta de los Conquistadores

By this time in the mtbike season last year i was totally burned-out... this year i don't want the season to be over - and am thinking about finishing it off right with an epic. La Ruta:

Andy suggests just doing our own epic in and around the north shore - and saving the cash. Not a bad idea... but it's just not the same as an epic off-road race from the atlantic to the pacific, through the costa rican jungle, up and down enormous interior mountains... but i also don't see how the $1500 required for transportation and entry fees is going to fall in my lap - or off the leafless moneytree in our backyard... maybe a late october weekend trip to the Kingdown trails. It's not quite the same... but something needs to be done to finish this season off right - and La Ruta would be incredible. Rob sent an article, some solid pros showing-up this year:

...the legs are begining to fire nicely for this weekend's 50. 2 days into the taper and they're on-track. but anything can happen. it's always a slight mystery as to when they're only going to be "good" vs "golden." also time to begin a little carb-loading, top off those glycogen stores - maybe a trip to the Field for some darts and Guiness is in order to kick that process off right!


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