Sunday, February 19, 2006

duece mtb

been out on the trails the past couple days. temps in the 20's and solid winds haven't been an issue in the woods. about 4, maybe 5 total hours of wheel spin, so not a ton of hours, but good stuff, fun stuff, steep climbs, rugged descents. i hate weights, the gym, rides like these are my replacement... or excuse for being outside goofing-off on the bike. sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between training and just having a lot of fun riding great lines! the hardtail was back in action today - with Kenda Karma 2.1's on front/back. these tires are really impressing me. 2nd ride with 'em. super-fast rolling, ultra-light and the rubber sticks like glue. gives confidence where a true racing tire would flail. unfortunately, that didn't stop me from taking a hard fall near the end of today's ride, then andy took one to the hand not long after. both were total bonehead diggers, but you'll have that. we were feeling pretty invincible, riding everything, hammering-down, then that was it. gas tanks empty and wham! a couple good ones to remind us.

my webserver appears to be down. the day-off tomorrow just turned into a trip to the office to work on the servers. needed to anyway. was looking at a couple hours easy spinning hrs on the trainer tomorrow, then a nice walk with jenn and the dog, now i guess i'll wake-up early and crawl into work for a little while first...


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