Friday, February 17, 2006


drove-up to VT yesterday to meet with a small company. my interview skills are certainly not as sharp as i'd like, but that's part of this process, refining the answers, getting my head around what i've done and how to leverage my current skills to expand and grow. it would be unrealistic to think that my first interview in over 4 years would yield the anticipated responses... this bout of unusual self-doubt aside, the opportunity looks to be much more interesting after the meeting than it was prior to. my "perfect" job in VT will be at a small company, allow me to wear multiple hats, learn and grow professionally by merging current skill-sets with new responsibilities, and have an impact on sales and performance. that's pretty broad, but am pleasantly surprised at how closely this first opportunity meets those broad goals.

have found myself on the indoor trainer quite a bit more this wk than all winter due to schedule. yesterday i squeaked-in 30' before getting ready for trip to VT, then threw a leg back over at 8p for another 60'. this morning i called-off the ride at 40' (vs planned 60') due to heavy winds forecast for the area. steady 25mph SW headwind on way to work, then same speed NE headwind on way home, will need some legs for the ride home tonight, will still get the 120' i was looking for...

the 18" of snow we got last wknd has gotten decimated by the warm temps this wk! (was in shorts this a.m.). even though temps will plummet this wknd, i see a trail ride coming together... the only question is whether it'll be on studded tires or not... hard to believe we got-out before the snow last wknd and will get-out again this wknd. like i've been saying for 3months, crazy winter!


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