Friday, February 10, 2006

Ti Deluxe

Look at this baby! IFab's Ti Deluxe, custom fit. In 8wks, i'll hopefully be putting my butt cheeks on this bad-boy for the Cohutta 100miler. We'll see, can't hold my breath that they'll get my bike cut, welded and ready to go in 8wks with the back-order of bikes they already have, but i can dare to dream... I have a feeling that Andy and I will be in TN, putting my rig together by headlamp hours before the race starts - just like 2004's Jay 60miler. Only question is, how many bikes will i liquidate for the ti deluxe?... Maybe I should put one of those "help support my blah, blah, blah's" on the blog, try to raise money. Everyone knows there isn't a more worthy cause than a white middle-class dude's need to race his bike. AIDS epidemic in Africa? Political refugees? Pakistani earthquake survivors? Hurricane Katrina's homeless? Them or me... man, my stomach hurts just thinking about how much of a prick i'd be to ask anyone for a dime when so many people can't even imagine riding a bike for pleasure, much less a bike as amazing as this... thank goodness (or is that God) for my Episcopal guilt. I may be agnostic, but the guilt is still there. Whew, I digress, back to the news.

MONSTER snow-storm is barring-down on us. A true nor'easter. it's going to roll-up the coast, then just sit and churn-out 2-3" per hour on saturday night into sunday. Our epic trail conditions will come to an end for a while, but can't complain, this has been the most incredible winter of trail riding i've seen... and we knew at least one nasty nor'eastern would hit before it was all said and done. Problem is, this f'er is tracking up the coast and doesn't look to be heading far north at all, meaning the mtns that really need snow will go w/o. Best trail riding in memory = bad skiiing. Can't have it all.

Rob had to bail on tomorrow's road ride, so am cruising to North Shore for a 5 hour road and mtb epic with Andy. We're planning on a monster rip! Sunday will definitely be spent indoors on the trainer, then when the snow eases-back, shoveling and a snowshoe with Jenn and Bronte in the Fells. i look forward to playing in the snow, but am definitely disappointed in losing our amazing winter trail conditions...


At 2/12/2006 10:14 AM, Blogger JB said...

Sweeeeeet ride. Congrats. Another fast rider in the green and yellow. We might see our first snow of the year from that nor-easter.

At 2/12/2006 10:29 AM, Blogger jeff said...

snow in va? lame!


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