Monday, February 06, 2006

scared for good reason

well, i was worried that the 2nd ride of the wknd could get ugly for me, especially with andy rested and fired-up to ride - and sure enough, it was downright ugly. was hoping legs would open-up 30mins or so into the ride, but they just shut-down and the next couple hours were brutal, some of the ugliest, sloppiest, most desperate riding i can remember doing. but, this is great! to get into these sort of hours and efforts in early february is unbelievable. will be ready for Cohutta 100 in april, andy's been loading-up on hours this winter, that dude will be ready. back to sunday, bronte the dog, andy, kenny and i on this one, storm the night before plus melting snow left us with crank-deep ponds and slick shit everywhere. after about 10secs of riding we were just plowing through the ponds and across a couple swift-water crossings. my mojo was gone with my legs, but sometimes i feel like i need to go on these rides of sufferation to get stronger, to move-on in the sport or simply get back to where i was last season. when we crossed the last slick narrow bridge to the parking lot, i could say with confidence that a good wknd of riding had been laid-down - and a good wk overall.

this morning it's clear and cool, but not cold, 34 is a great temp for riding to work, winds over 20 for next couple days, have to remember to not fight it, but just ride at tempo and let it throw me around as it will.

time to get rocking, got some work that needs doing, didn't get much done this wknd with all the riding, then the super bowl - was an interesting game, kept the interest and great to see Cowher and crew finally bring one home, he deserved one more than any coach in the NFL...


At 2/06/2006 2:28 PM, Blogger JB said...

Hey, I have all kinds of (topo)maps of the Cohutta area. Including Oconee and the Chattahochee national forest. I've never ridden there but was planning a trip a year ago that never materialized. I'll gladly let you borrow 'em (just don't drool on 'em too much). Just get me your address, I'll send 'em up. Reach me at :

myblogname at



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