Saturday, February 25, 2006

night swimming

headed north shore way thursday night to drop-off/pick-up/drink a beer with jamie at western cycle, then over to andy's for a night rip. ended-up leaving a bike at western to see if anyone is interested, need to roll on a limited payroll this yr, going to a one-rig set-up. save on maintenance and whatnot. shit, maybe i should just roll w/one gear... naaaah.

somewhere in the woods on thursday night, andy and i crossed onto a large chunk of ice, a flooded area that had
frozen-up. with trees all about, can't be permanent or deep, right? 20ft short of shore, WHAM!, andy breaks through into water over the hubs. has to crack-through 1/2" ice to shore. i'm laughing so hard i almost fall over, then realize i've got to cross that shit! WHAM! in over the knees. what's crazy is that the ibex woolie kept me damn warm for the rest of short ride. wool. old school. why is the old school so damn expensive?

got back-out onto the bay circuit trail today, this time with maps/gps. pretty wild we can roll 1/2m from andy's place, hop-on this carriage road and open 'er up mtb style for a hundred miles. problem is, keep having issues. andy document a few of the problems today... the bay circuit ooks like a mellow ride, but has slapped us down way short of goal twice in a row! for some reason we had 3 pairs of extra gloves between the two of us, but no dry socks. those would have done us right, kept the tires rollin'. maybe. the snow was getting pretty heavy, slick as snot, even tougher to see the ice underneath, couple good falls between the two of us. but, falls and issues aside, all i know is that it's not cold at all in the woods, but once on the road we're freezing our asses off!

haven't quite found the hours again this wk. not sure if tomorrow will be indoor or outdoor, but 3hrs is on-tap. cold temps/big wind to look forward to outside, epic movie and sufferation on the pain machine inside... tough decision. got to fix this not-getting-enough-hours thing. have just the plan... ride more!


At 2/27/2006 2:53 PM, Blogger Barkernews said...

You guys are hard core.
I bitch about riding in the rain.


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