Thursday, March 09, 2006

Drag Suit

Today kicked-off kinda slow. Went for a mtb ride w/andy last night, didn't get to sleep till later than normal (11p). have been putting a lot of hours into the legs and if i don't get 8hrs, am not at 100%, was really dragging at 630a wake-up. but, after getting some java going, bronte and i hit the Fells for a walk while jenn headed for the gym. Even pregnant she's really working hard to rehab her knee so that next season she's ready to ski, run, whatever. Takes a lot to be pregnant and keep putting-in the hours, pretty impressive stuff. Anyway, once Bronte and I got to the fells, she started diggin' around for the perfect stick. i have no idea what the determining factors are for the perfect stick, one of those things only a dog knows... 2mins later she pops-out of the woods with a log 4ft long and 6" in diameter, thing probably weighed 30lbs! i managed to toss it about 10 feet for her, start walking and she takes me out at the knees running with it in her jaws, my precious coffee drops, the lid pops-off and it pools like black gold on top of the frozen dirt and pine needles. ahgggg! i almost got down to lick it off the dirt i was so desperate for the precious caffeine... Labs.

I've commandered one of Jenn's digital camera's, been trying to spruce-up the blog with some photos. So far, i've taken 3 pics in a wk, a real shutter-bug... the attached shot is of Jenn's 30+lb commuter w/Kevlar tires (i've also commandered her bike until i get around to putting a new drivetrain on mine) and the Bailey Works bag (a gift from Jenn, it's lasted 1000 working days at least) i haul all my crap in: laptop and geek accessories (safe from the elements in the "laptop sock"), work clothes, extra hats/gloves, power foods, tubes, tools, pump, T tokens, first-aid supplies, lunch, beers (on the way home of course), maps, - you get the point, lots of crap - according to my scale at home - about 20lbs worth. Who needs weights when you can just make yourself 20lbs heavier and push big gears on a heavy-as bike!? The Drag Suit has served my legs well the past couple seasons. It just feels so EASY to ride the road bike and "racing" mtbike after a winter of drag suit riding - with the slightest effort they fly! And that's just the point of a drag suit...

I think I saw Lloyd Graves riding down Forest St in Medford this morning. I was heading to work, he the opposite direction. An early morning ride in the Fells? Maybe i imagined it... maybe not. It's hard to tell sometimes.


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