Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ride Junkie - the Blog finally has a "real" name!

After almost 150 posts, a name for my blog (besides my name) has finally surfaced. After a night ride last week, Andy and I stood around in the basement, drinking a couple Bass ales and jibber-jabbering about how much this winter has rocked, how much we truly love to ride and what we'd do to get-out of work, out of chores, out of spending time w/non-riding humans in order to get our ride-on - and if for some reason the ride falls through, ahhh shit, brutha's just aren't in a good mood, you know? Be it a 30min pain machine session or an all-day epic, those around us can certainly be on the periphery when we're looking to ride. Andy finally said it best, "just a couple of ride junkies." Yup. Could be worse, though… and so the blog has finally been christened with this post.

Real nice ride to work today, temps right around 35, ample sunshine, winds have calmed to 15-20mph. Rode up along the Fells before heading into the office. Been slowly working-out new routes to extend the commute, finding extra climbs, stretches of road uninterrupted by traffic lights, trying to wean myself off the indoor pain machine. The commute is so stop-and-go riding the pain machine adds some steady spinning mid-week, but it's pretty lame in comparison to being outside!

As usual, it's 9am and can't wait to get-back out there for the ride home. Luckily, my job is pretty active (and it's enjoyable), lots to do and the workday just flys-by, sometimes a bit too quick, so I better stop typing and get working.


At 3/16/2006 11:53 AM, Blogger Andy said...

oh are a full fledged card carrying member brother!

At 3/18/2006 8:13 AM, Blogger Jason said...

Right on. Great name, nice graphic too. Dig the IF logo in the corner. Later, weather looks like good riding here today. JM


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