Tuesday, March 14, 2006

tough one

the weather and i did not get along today. rob seemed to enjoy it from an email he sent, "Nice day for riding. On the way home another rider and I were pushing 40 with the tailwind." this was while i slooooowly passed another rider on rt 3 in arlington (going maybe 12-14mph), couple fools fighting the inevitable. had to cut things 30' short. cold rain and tight legs for breakfast, 20+mph steady headwind for dinner. according to this, winds are more intense here than the infamous windy city. sounds like a good place to make a whole bunch o' power w/o pollution. imagine that. power w/o pollution. the shallows along the massachusetts coast would rip-out killowatts day after day, w/no undue side effects minus the occasional bird casuality. oh yeah, the loss of a view of endless water for a few thousand folks. wouldn't want to ruin our precious view. destroy the planet, leave nothing for our children, but at least we're enjoying the view... i think thousands of sleek windmills churning-away in the ocean would be a pretty awesome sight.


At 3/15/2006 10:37 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Man, the wind has been a real kick in the junk lately. Later.


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