Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mohican 100 - Cyclingnews Link and Pics

Pretty nifty bridge near the end of the Mohican. We enjoyed riding along this river a few times in the route - something relaxing about riding next to a river, even when it's ragin' and over the banks.

Check the Cyclingnews story here.

Sully rockin' the Rigid SS

As i contemplate the event a few days out, it is with a few key lessons learned. Pace and fueling is one, but that is a constant learning process. what i really took from this one was inspiration from the perserverance of
others. I knew Skip was fast-as all get-out, but it was his perserverance through the worst of situations that blew me away. When most people would have quit, he continued on through 8 chain breaks (using a rock to fix it!? - didn't even know that was possible), getting lost a zillion times, but fighting the whole way, never givin' up. later tiffany rolled-in with an arm and leg reminiscent of hamburger, in 2nd place. thom rode his ss for 100m for the first time, snagged 3rd SS, fought through a bonk ("a place of wind and ghosts") to make it happen. kerry riding-on from aid station one after they RAN OUT OF WATER! and of course, the other 150 folks who pushed through it, never gave up and crossed the line thirsty for some beer, a cpl of which i was lucky enough to ride with.

then, of course, how damn nice everyone i met this wknd was. as kerry illustrates so well on her blog, the monster drive there & back was a breeze with such mellow car mates.

Also got to know a lot of IFab riders this wknd and am super-impressed with how relaxed and unique their appoaches are, yet take their riding to the next level. Harlan, super-nice guy, laughed off the win like the pro he is. humble. humbling. can't imagine getting hooked-up with a better group of people.


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