Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Jamie called Bontrager and a new wheel commeth today! when he told them what wheel it was, they admitted it was crap and a new one was en route for delivery today. sucks my epic got ruined 'cuase of a bum wheel - but i got a new race lite wheel! sweet.

been riding the indoor and the drag suit (commuter), could be worse, could be stuck w/o any bike to ride. big headwinds have had me going at like 10mph home from work, but patience is a virtue or some such garbage. in other good warranty news, my brand-new rockshox sid team was leaking oil from the rebound, which has had the Steel Deluxe sidelined! but that part should arrive this wk, also thanks to jamie, just in time for this wknd's mtb epic. it's definitely time to get some mtb mojo back - been on the road way too much this season. once again, w/o the support of jamie and the fellas at western cycle, i'd be in serious trouble. those guys are the shit!

holy basso. but can he win 'em both?


At 5/27/2006 7:08 PM, Anonymous Bill said...

Well thanks Jeff we certanly are the shit. Thanks for the brews brotha, see you guys around.


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