Tuesday, May 16, 2006

wet rat

my IT closet has become a drying rack. all it's done for 10 days is rain - and we're not talking about spring showers, this stuff is the real deal. if it was snow, we'd have like 10-15 feet on the ground. it'd be one of those bad tv disaster movies w/an actor you don't mind seeing get swept-away by a tidal wave (bill paxton? randy quaid?). got no complaints, though, could be worse. could be 32 degrees and raining. could have a wet basement like andy's. check-out his video - now that's some crazy shit! think i need to bring him more beer.

been riding the drag suit to work during the great flood, big difference being back on a 30+lb mtb w/kevlar tires. 45mins each way really sucks the strength from the sticks, but finally felt light on the pedals again today - even after hammering home hard last night, funny how that works sometimes. didn't mean to ride hard either, started nice and mellow along the charles river, wasn't raining, so pulled the neoprene booties and a layer up-top off. 20secs later it starts to pour. of course. was freezing within minutes and it was ON to get home. get to neighborhood, could turn right onto my street, but as usual, keep heading-up the hill, even soaked to the bone, have to get the efforts in, no such thing as making up for it later... but legs have been pretty dead past 2-3wks, not a lot of rest, but hopefully not too much either. this wknd want to set 'em free a bit, take a spot of rest, then a hard effort, need a race. time for a race.

Platenkill XC is 4hrs away, that's a monster drive for an xc... maybe i'll hit the road bike scene at the Sunappee Road Race. 46m will take less than 2hrs i'm guessing, but that's ok, since it's on saturday, can get a quality long, slow ride in on sunday morning... hmmm... never done a road race before. worry about someone taking me out, but it's probably me that's the danger! considering i never-evah ride in groups. wonder if hurley's rollin', he's gotz to be. maybe i can convince andy and get something going here...


At 5/16/2006 12:55 PM, Blogger Jason said...

road race? yikes! I never ride in groups either.

This rain is something. Feel worse for you guys. You;re getting DRENCHED! Jeez!


At 5/16/2006 8:41 PM, Blogger Andy said...

andy has no Iglebike, good thing too cause the trails are sopping wet! You can bet I'll be on the Merlin for lots of hours this weekend!

who else can we recruit for a looong road epic...where's Hurley (or is he still beating up on the roadies?)

At 5/16/2006 9:00 PM, Blogger jeff said...

the long dreamed-of medfa' to campton ride would be intense. 130-135m of steady hills.

hurley's gotta be doing sunappe.

would love to get rich lebouf out there, but that crazy bastard would want us to ride home too.


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