Friday, May 19, 2006

trying not to rant

Why does OLN hate us? One day of Giro d'Italia coverage/week? if you want to watch it daily, you have to pay $19.99 to see it online. If you want to get OLN on cable, you have to pay for a package that costs like $50/month (at least here) then you don't even get coverage of one of the Classics? One of the largest cycling events in the world? WTF? I won't pay the bucks for the online coverage, but i will plop-down for the 2hr weekly wrap-up on OLN this sunday... and all will be well for that 2hrs.

Drove to work today. LAME! resting-up for the ride tomorrow, but more importantly, need some road and mtb bike help from Jamie. only way to get to the north shore before Western Cycle closes is to drive to work. LAME! Boston was recently voted the 5th worst city for road rage, i'm honestly surprised we're that low in the rankings. today's "effort" was horrible. 1hr 15mins of angry car-time (to go 9miles). LAME! The Onion (a fine news source) recently reported on a vehicle that could honestly "revolutionize the way we drive." You gotta check it out if you live in a top 5 road rage city.

But, the horrors of the drive will be worth it to have Jamie and the boys help me some some issues i don't got the tools or skillz to effectively handle - still a newbie when it comes to repairs - such as pressing Bruno's used Chris King (pink nonetheless) headset into the Ellsworth frame (he totally hooked me up w/that, who cares it it's used, King's last forever!). after seeing how much Truth's were going for on eBay, decided to keep that sucka' as the "trail bike" (it is a sweet, sweet frame!). if my back blows-out at a 24solo, will have one of the sweetest endurance machines in back-up,. so, it's time to retire the beat-down Giant NRS (and try to keep the IF Steel Deluxe in racing condition by using the Truth for everyday riding). After i strip-down the giant, plan is to bring it up to Brad's and shoot it full of holes in his backyard firing range - my first race bike has to go out in style! will need some solid background music to set the mood. maybe some old school Rage Against the Machine.

played darts at The Field w/Dr Mike last night. we kicked some serious dart booty until my beer buzz peaked and my aim fizzled. mike's more a pro drinker these days than i and carried us the last cpl games. beer has this weird effect on games of skill - you get better and better, then the buzz peaks, then you can't aim to save your life. we limped home at 11p, 3hrs earlier than we would have 5yrs ago, but you know what? i'm totally ok with that.


At 5/19/2006 4:41 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Check this out, for some link highlights.
Good ol OLN. Soon to be Versus.


At 5/21/2006 6:49 AM, Blogger Andy said...

good decision with the truth! you'll be unstopable on that mofo...and the plan for the NRS is better than perfect.


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