Thursday, July 20, 2006

mtb worlds

check-out the selections for world's here. sweet.

now, back to my little pond.

with the jay the wknd after this one, decided to skip the efta eastern cup and do an epic on saturday to cap-off a big wk of pedalin'. been riding kinda easy, staying-off the hills past cpl days to recover from Dalton, but hit it hard this morning and everything's good. it's nice when a plan comes together. question is, will it come together for Jay? the $86 set of "secret weapon" tires i just ordered insist upon it!

a friend, mike jordan, is tackling the jay as his first evah mtbike race. now that's ballsy. can't wait to drink a beer with him at the finish, as i'm 100% certain he'll make it through. will be hanging him and Andy at Jay, while Thom and the East Coast Mafia rolls to the 101. Harlan will be there to protect 1st place overall in the series (really cool new site, btw). pretty exciting stuff for team green. wish i could do both races, but that's just plain lunacy.

found a new sandwich shop t-day, owned by a Lebanese guy. dude makes a kick-ass Falafal. why is Israel bombing Lebanon? why is Hezbollah firing rockets into Israel? And why the fuck are we in Iraq? these are rhetorical questions... basically, falafal's are good. bombs are bad. maybe if we kicked G-W and Ehud Olmert a cpl of these falafal's and Sheikh Fadlallah some good slow-cooked brisket on rye we could clear some of this up...


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