Friday, June 09, 2006


Today is Jenn's 30th! happy b-day jenny.

i love my wife. and because of that, i love my life. being with the right person, to cheer you on, be your support, you theirs, is impowering. it's hard to know how best to celebrate a life, a person who means so much to you. is it with a cake? a party? a gift? ... those things are great and all and help illustrate how much you want them to be happy, but are mere tokens. what's hard is knowing how best to say, "hey you, that person who eats dinner next to me everynight, is carrying our child, and washes my smelly work-out clothes, you're super-cool and i'm stoked to be the one you come home to!"

that being said, i slept-in this morning! not a good way to show the one you love that it's their special day. i've got some surprises in store for later today that will hopefully make-up for being such a lazy-ass. w/o 2 cups of coffee i might as well be 3yrs old, not 30... ah crap, i'm 31.

in other b-day news, our friends doug and tara had their first child, a healthy baby boy named Dylan last Saturday around noon. here's some pics of that little chap. a future photographer, sailor, scientist, all-around good guy. no doubt. doug's talent as a photographer are more than apparent in these beautiful pictures of their son.


At 6/12/2006 10:13 PM, Anonymous Doug McFadd said...


Thanks for put'in Dylan on the blog - baby's first publishing. Happy b-day to Jen again, you wouldn't know she was on the "way" too from the photo of her. Great to hear you been out a ridin with your pops. Qual. time with our parents is hard to schedule these days. Speakin of qual time, I got a pass from Tara to go riding Sunday and though I was not doin any hero stuff, I wound up in the emergency room gettin 5 stitches in my leg and a tetnus shot that hurts more than the injury did. NOTE TO ALL THOSE WHO READ THIS: DON'T RIDE WITH A BROKEN EGGBEATER - IF YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS, THEN YOU know WHAT THIS MEANS. Anyway all's well here, Dylan is awesome and put on a pound in a week (98th percentile, now at 7lb 10oz!) Peace Out - DM


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