Thursday, August 03, 2006

Harlan Price takes another 100!

Harlan dominates another 100 miler! cycling news article here. I guess he's got the series pretty much wrapped-up minus a catastrophy. Greg the leg takes 1st ss, thom-e p nabs 4th and lloyd 10th. it's pretty wild that the top 5 ss'ers are within 8 places of each other (10th - 18th overall). they got the crazy legs! tiff grabs 5th overall on her ss and skip's in the top 10. (click on the above names for their race reports).

thankfully all these hardcore freakoids were at the 101 and not the Jay!

in other, not so solid news, this thing w/Floyd ... sucks. i'd put it out of my mind w/being so focused on the jay, then ended-up talking w/my dad about it last night, got me all fired-up. i have to agree with this guy: "I give. They're all doping. Fook the lot of 'em."


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