Friday, August 04, 2006

recovery ride?

legs have been great, kinda freaking me out, trying to take it easy. been cruising the usual recovery route along the Charles all wk.

River on the left, bumper-to-bumper traffic on the far right - don't see too many people on the bike path! and i bet most of the folks in those cars are driving less than 10-15m to get to work...

so, yesterday, it's like 85-90 degrees by 830a, a guy races by in jeans, no helmet, giving it 110%, he's coming off the saddle w/every downstroke, really going for it. i love that stuff, the efforts folks give. couple minutes later i see him on the side of the path, looking bad, pale, that push may have been his first in a while, hope it's not his last.

mid-day i got a note from fearless leader Bruno seeing if i wanted to go for a spin w/him and Lloyd down in the blue hills @ 5. been meaning to hook-up with them for a while, said fook-all and sprinted home to get the mtb. was kinda distracted, afternoon meeting to get back for, it's like 95 degrees, WHAM! taxi door flys open and i take it. bike and body are good enough to continue on, but man, can't ever let the guard down in the city. stoopid. don't blame the taxi for that one, it was all me...

few hrs later met-up w/lloyd on mass ave by chance, cruised through 'scenic' Dorchester and collect bruno and mike ramponi who was on lloyd's old deluxe ss w/a rigid fork (which he rode to 26th place in last wknd's wilderness 101)! mike led the charge on 'his' trails all day, riding hard, rippin' on the downs, shit he dropped me a cpl times descending! guy's a trip. the climbs in the blue hills are really decent, cpl 10min ones, was way solid to check that place out and ride w/some new folks who aren't afraid put the pedals down.


At 8/04/2006 3:36 PM, Anonymous dr. mike said...

shit. glad youre alive.
how'd the door look?

At 8/09/2006 10:36 PM, Blogger Harlan said...

The Jay's challenge looked great. Maybe I'll make it next year. I never even heard of it till your report.
That was a pretty weird Prize table. They probably spent all their money paying Tinker to show.


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